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Phanganist Hostel - feel the friendliness and love of guests

27 Feb 2019

I found this place pretty quickly. Just a couple of kilometers from the pier and you're already in the hostel. It is easy to notice when you go on the road. Here is a very friendly atmosphere - with people from all over the world. You can find new friends among guests from Brazil, Israel, Australia and more.

The beach is only 15 minutes walk, if you want to walk among palm trees, flowering trees and pretty houses. If you ride a bike, you will find yourself on the beach with a charming landscape in just a couple of minutes. But if you want to stay in the hostel, where you will always be offered delicious dishes of Thai and European cuisine, as well as juices and cocktails, then you can cool off in the pool and sunbathe.

Every evening, guests gather together to dance, play billiards, beer-pong, share interesting stories.

Here they can help you create a program for the day - the site has a fresh schedule of the most interesting meetings and parties on the island. Also organise a diving or a tour of Phangan. What fun and how to relax is up to you.

And you can be sure, here you will find new friends who you want to meet again on the paradise island of Phangan or in another part of the world.