Pink Dolphins In Koh Phangan

30 Nov 2019

There are stories of pink dolphin sightings off the coast of Koh Phangan. They are true! Thailand is home to a very rare, pink albino species of dolphin and they can be found right here, between our paradise island and the mainland beach of Khanom. 

Would you like to see one? Of course you do! Well to do so, the optimal time (best chance for your to sighting one) is in the early morning - just after sunrise, between 730am and 9am. Bear in mind, if you do see one you are lucky because it is not a guarantee since the area they live in is quite vast. However, the local authorities claim there are 60 pink dolphins in the area so your chances are pretty good. 

How can you see the pink dolphins? When your on the ferry heading to or from the island (or neighboring islands) make sure to keep your eyes might see a pink dolphin! If you don’t see one then there are other ways. There are many travel agencies that can direct you to super fun boating excursions that include pink dolphin sighting in their itinerary. 

The rosy animal is out there all year long too but you probably won’t be able to see them when the sea is active - during monsoon months of November and December. The best chance is to go when the sea is calm - not in November and December. 

Stories have it that the dolphins turned pink because they eat a lot of shrimp. Others say the dolphins are pink because they are old and old dolphins hang out where there's easy food - which there’s plenty of around here because of all the fishermen. 

Apart from why they are pink, how they got here has a story to! The locals say the first lot of them were released into the waters here by the King and have since multiplied.