Anton from 2Chaka talks Koh Phangan and Reggae

12 Feb 2021

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When did you form the band and how did it come about?

We formed the band about half a year ago. We met each other as most musicians on Koh Phangan do - at a regular saturday jam which goes on at different places. We decided to try to play reggae, to learn how to do it, because when a musician plays rock all their life and suddenly try to play in a different style such as reggae, it can be difficult because they don’t have the special skills to play in that style. So we had to practice every day and go deeper into the roots of reggae.


Did you and the band draw any inspiration from Job2Do when learning reggae?

Job2Do is a good indicator of the kind of entertaining music Thai people prefer and adore. Sometimes we play songs by Job2Do when we jam with other Thai musicians.

What drew you to music?

I’ve been playing in different bands since I was 12 years old. I have always loved reggae, but mostly just to listen to. We decided to learn how to play reggae for fun.


How long are you in Koh Phangan and what brought you here?

I’m in Koh Phangan for the first time but already for a year now, with breaks while I was playing in other countries. I came here to visit my friends who got married and disappeared for a year, the only news I got from them was “it’s okay, we’re on the beach!” Ha ha. Then I got to know about the rich music life here. It’s a special place because you communicate with people from all over the world. You don’t have to go somewhere else - you can just come to Koh Phangan and meet everyone here!


How long will you stay in Koh Phangan?

Usually musicians don’t have a set plan. As long as possible, or until I get to know that I am not interesting for an audience here anymore. But it’s hard because people change, and new people come to the island all the time.


What kind of music do you like to play, and what will you be playing on Wednesday?

We will be playing reggae on the night, but we play different kinds of music, and we are trying to exchange in experience with different types. We have a couple of songs in composition that are Romanian Gypsy style, as I played in a gypsy orchestras in Ukraine. Mike is a rocker and funk & disco lover, and a big fan of queen. Igor and Ball insist we play more reggae, ha ha.


What will UchAka bring to the night at Phanganist Hostel?

We will try to rock less and try to reveal our feelings, without too much showing off. We will just try to play our best.


What is your music and life philosophy?

We have not existed as a band long enough to have a full philosphy formed. Personally I believe not to harm people and try to keep them happy, with the help of music. Because music is magic, and people love good stories and they want to believe in magic things.


Thank you Anton! See you on the 8th!