The Story of Job2do! Thailand's Most successful Reggae Act!

12 Feb 2021

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Thailands most successful and best recognised reggae act.

Job 2 Do came into national stardom and global recognition with the 2005 hit ’Doo Ter Tum’ an anthemic Thai reggae/country song. A song that still gains attention from Thais and international visitors alike and has recieved numerous international requests for cover permission. Since his success, Job's music has made a massive impact on Thai country & folk music with his unique blend of reggae. He has had a huge influence on the popularity of reggae music in Thailand - if you've ever travelled to Thailand I can garuantee that at some point on your journey, reggae was played where you were and this certainly would not have been the case before Job returned to the scene. Today, he continues to explore the bridges between reggae, ska, Thai country & folk and dub.

Born Banjob Polin, December, 1958 in rural Trang, Job started his music career as do most musicians- armed with nothing but a dream and a passion. 
He first realized music was his calling when he saw a performer in his hometown when he was a boy. At 15 he moved to Bangkok to study and accquried work at a bowling alley at 18 to begin supporting himself. After saving enough cash he bought his first guitar and with nothing other than his ears as his guide he began to teach himself. Learning by listening, Job progressed quickly. Gaining support, Job began working in bars and clubs in Bangkok playing of the time hits. After finishing his studies, Job decided it was time to follow his dream.

His new musical career enabled him to travel and work throughout the country. From north to south, Job imprinted his talent onto nearly every entertainment establishment in the country. 
In October of 1983, whilst playing in a club in Songkhla, Job met and fell in love with an Englishwoman named Dorra. Dorra was to be an inspiration and an eye opener for Job, in a time when foriegners were still aliens in Thailand. She introduced Job to the works of Dylan, Marley, Tosh, The Stones, Clapton and so on, and, also gifted with a wonderful voice, began to perform onstage with her new love. Infatuated with love and inundated with new sounds, Job’s creativity flourished. He found his rightful sound in reggae and in 1985, Job and Dorra moved to the UK where they had their first son.
Job continued to work in bars and clubs but resented being told how and what to play. Instead, he took to busking the streets where he enjoyed the freedom to play whatever he wanted, how he wanted and actually earning a better wage than playing in any bar or club. However, the goal never seemed to be money for Job, even donating 10% of his earnings to OXFAM, and supporting other buskers he encountered. Bringing a fresh, original and exotic take on live performance to the streets of Scotland and Northern England, Job made an average day at the shops a unique and memorable day out. With a harmonica, drumsound kit, a guitar and his voice, Job blessed the crowds for hours with his creativity. If anyone has ever been to a Job2Do concert then I need not tell you how it might have been to catch Job singing his heart out in front of TopShop. Such was the quality of his music, he even won an award from the Mayor himself of Aberdeen, Scotland, for ’Best busker’. Although the award was a light hearted parody reflecting the hordes of street performers there, it was in itself a grand testament to Job’s skill and talent. How the son of a rubber tree farmer in rural Trang, south Thailand, became the best busker in most parts of Scotland and the British north is an incredible story alone. However, a now great and talented musician, Job’s dream was only half realized.

After returning to Thailand in 2000 with Dorra and their 3 children, Job decided it was now time to really go for it. After receiving a list of ’Jobs 2 Do’ from his wife, the long sought after name was now coined, a band was formed and an album was released. Job had been writing numerous Thai songs attempting to bridge the gap between reggae, Thai folk & country music – and did so successfully: the album ’Job – Banjob’ won the Grammy award for ’Best New Artist 2001’.

Since then, Job has been progressing even more, his 2005 hit ’Doo Ter Tum’ gaining national and international acclaim and over 1.7million hits on YouTube. 
His music is featured in advertisements and motion pictures and is constantly receiving requests for translation cover permission.

Job now has 7 official albums and a fanbase that stretches from the chilled shores of Khanom to the chilly shores of Scotland, from Asia to the Americas, Europe to Australia, Africa and Russia. 
Job’s earlier work includes one official album and 5 cover albums under the name ’On the Job’ I, II and III and ’Job on the street’ I and II, which he and his wife recorded together. These items do exist but are extremely difficult to find. They contain various classic covers all the way from Eric Clapton to Creedance Clearwater, Bob Marley and the Rolling Stones.

Job 2 Do is currently recording an 8th album and is still performing live around the world including here at Phanganist Hosel on March the 8th for our 7th anniversary!

Tickets are available at the hostel and other agents around the island!