On the One's and Two's at Phanganist with Suspect MC

12 Feb 2021

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Suspect MC will host the last set with DJ Dee Xone tonight Friday 19h of May at Phanganist Hostel, we had a quick catch up beforehand....

Tell us you Koh Phangan Story...
I have been coming to Koh Phangan over the last 3 years mostly to meet up with old friends and in the mean time fell in love with the island, its music and its people. Now it will always be my yearly holiday destination for about 6 months of each year.

When did you get into MC’ing?
I’ve been Mc’ing for 10 plus years ever since I was about 16 years of age. I started to MC to Garage and DnB music at the beginning as my inspiration at the time was Stevie Hyper D, who in my opinion is one of the best MC’s to ever walk the planet.

From there I started to practice and write my own lyrics which led to doing festivals and local gigs…all in the name of fun really!

Do you always MC to DnB or other styles too?
My passion is always with DnB but I also have a soft spot for UK Grime.

You’re hosting on Friday night at Phanganist, what uniqueness will you bring to the night?
I’m a very quick witted and unique MC as it is so my uniqueness will speak for itself.

What do you think of the music scene on Koh Phangan?
When I first came here I didn’t have a love for House music at all and I learnt to adapt because that’s the main scene.

Now I regularly go to most of the parties and I have found a love for House music although my heart will always stay with DnB. The parties here are very unique at some of the most picturesque venues one could imagine. Cool parties = cool music = cool times!

What’s the plan for the rest of the year?
Sadly I only have a few weeks left on Koh Phangan this year, I’m off back to London where I’ll get into the studio to write some new music to some new beats…mainly Grime.

In December I’m off to India to travel and check out the music scene in places like Goa.

Leave us with your music philosophy..
I like all styles of music…anything from Elvis to Carl Cox, my taste is broad and varies depending on the place and company.  

Keeping an open ear always, you will find any music can resonate with your own rhythm.