Sound In Motion Music School and Sound System on Koh Phangan

12 Feb 2021

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Sound in Motion Koh Phangan offers electronic music production courses in both Ableton & Logic (and add Pro Tools and Base if you have those), and for DJ’s we know all there is to know about Traktor!

We welcome complete beginners to already experienced producers – after all, there is always more to learn!! Our producers and DJ’s have qualified in music technology courses and can show you the tricks that you never knew to create music that will rock a dance floor.

MUSIC PRODUCTIONS BASICS: Setting up your own studio - understanding midi, audio and sampling and layering.

CREATING A TRACK: Learn structure and arrangement, key note and tuning automation, scenes and effects, programing drums and creating that perfect bass.

BUILT IN INSTRUMENTS AND EFFECTS: Sequencers come with a huge variety of instruments such as Simpler, Drum rack and also Effects. We teach you how to get the best out of these amazing tools,

VIRTUAL INSTRUMENTS: Called Plug Ins or VST’s, all producers use these but getting your head around LFO’S, Envelopes, Modulation and Arpeggiators can be hard- we explain it in a way that makes it easy!

TRAKTOR: There’s so much more to being a great DJ than pressing the sync button! It's all about flow and creating a unique experience on the dance floor. We will show you how to REALLY use Traktor, mix in key and organise your music!

Sound in Motion also rents out its awesome sound system. The cromo speakers made by DB Technologies is able to deliver the kind of powerful and compelling bass performance that makes it the preferred full range speaker for bands and DJs.

The sub 18H is the perfect choice whenever a powerful lower extension is required.

Equipped with a 1500W (2000W peak power) power amplifier and a high performance 18” woofer with a 4” coil, the sub features a unique termed hybrid horn loaded configuration and can be tuned to the lowest frequencies in order to improve the system’s efficiency and convey a deep enveloping sound.