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Party, Leo

Ready to party?

23 Dec

The party season is about to kick off. All kinds of Moon parties, Waterfall and Jungle experience and of course double Full Moon this month!


So if you have never partied as a phanganist – here are some tips of what you should be aware of:

Don’t try to impress with an outfit. Wear something that you don’t feel attached to. A fancy dress or pair of leather shoes are definitely not the best choice. Remember, you are going to party either in the jungle or on the beach – so you should wear something comfortable.

And also, it’s a tropical island, we can expect shower rains in the morning and a party at night. So be prepared things might get dirty.

Also, there will be a lot of people covered in body-paint (that won’t wash away from the clothes). So dive in, get some color on your face – it’s what all the moon parties are famous for.

Find a place for a pre-party. Moon parties are said to start at 10 p.m., but there is no point in arriving earlier than midnight. But drink responsibly. You don’t want to be wasted before everything begins or to pass out in a taxi on the way there.

Pack light. The fewer things you have – the better. All huge parties attract pickpockets. So don’t leave your bag and your pockets unattended. And it's better you left your phone safe at the hostel. We know you want to remember the night and have a lot of photos and Instagram stories. But it will do no good if you lose the phone or it gets stolen. There will be a lot of photographers on the party, so make sure to pose. And the next day check out

Go with a company. This is not only for economic reasons (for example you can share the taxi), but also safety. You can look one after another; make sure that nobody passes out on the beach.

Don’t buy anything “happy” at the party. We are not judging, but buying stuff of people you see for the first and last time can get you into trouble and spoil the party.

The last but not the least. Don’t forget to have fun! That’s what it is all about.

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