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The Morning After - Thoughts from Full Moon First Timers

2 Jun 2018

It’s the morning after the night before and party revellers are not looking as spritely as they did only a few hours ago.

It was another Full Moon Party for the island of Koh Phangan, there have been around 360 Full Moon Parties since they began but for some it would of been their very first.

Full Moon Party Virgins.

We caught up with a few Phanganist Hostel guests to get their thoughts…

For these two lads it was their main reason to come to Koh Phangan…

“The hype was bigger than what it was for us. We have spent the last four days touring the island though.

We go to Koh Tao next to do our divemasters”.

This gang were a nice bunch of friends from the UK who came all together…

Jonny - 'The party was good fun, I lost everyone though ha-ha!'

Rhys - 'It seemed a lot like a kind of ‘Ibiza lads holiday’ at Full Moon but I’m glad I went although it’s not my kind of thing, it wasn’t too bad. The island is nice'.

Martin - 'It’s one of the most beautiful places, I had a great time meeting people and especially the dogs! The dogs are cute! The waterfalls are good and you’re never far from a beach'.

Danielle - 'At the Full Moon Party we enjoyed the sunrise the best! The music was good, we followed the music we like from bar to bar all along the beach'.

Page - 'I had a great time, there was lots of nice people and a lot from the UK'.

We wish you guys good fun on your adventures to Koh Phi Phi and Vietnam. Where are the rest of you going after Koh Phangan?

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