Partied too Hard? How to deal with ‘The Fear’ the next day…

12 Feb 2021

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Koh Phangan is the island of parties, of course it is so much more than just this but one of the big factors in the attraction to the island is that you can find a party every day of the week.

With parties comes booze and unfortunately with booze comes the dreaded hangover. Now here at Phanganist we’re all kind of umm definitely past the age of the younger side of 20 (at least ha-ha) so we start to feel it a bit more than you lovely fresh sprightly youngsters but everyone gets a hangover every now and again even if you’re young.

With a hangover can come ‘the fear’, that feeling of dread that you did something embarrassing whilst drunk, admitted your deepest feelings to someone you shouldn’t have, the fear of letting go whilst you were drunk.

We’ve dealt with how to get over a hangover here before so now we thought we’d tackle how to overcome the fear so as to not ruin your precious time on Koh Phangan.

Prevention is always better than the cure and there are some things you can put in place before a night of partying and drinking.

Did you know you can get an app on your phone which blocks you from contacting certain people during a period of time. This will stop you drunkenly contacting an ex or thinking it wise to message your crush and blurt out your feelings without thinking it through, hence leaving you free of the fear the next day!

Be aware of who might be out that night, plan to stay away from people who might wind you up or make sure you clear the air with people before the party so as to avoid drunken conversation.

Prepare for the next day, get some healthy food in, make your bed/room nice and cosy, plan to chill with other people and laugh about the night before and you’ll feel so much better than if you aren’t comfy.

Post Partying
What’s done is done, hopefully you prevented doing things that will cause ‘the fear’ but if not we can help!

Face up to it straightaway, rip off that band aid quickly and deal with it so it doesn’t ruin the whole day and make your hangover even worse. Check with friends if you have a feeling you did something stupid and make it right or just laugh about it if you can.

Be sure to apologise if needed, some people may be hurt from something you said or embarrassed if they had to pick you up and get you home, eat humble pie, clear the air and give them lots of hugs.

Don’t wallow around in guilt all day, watch some films, go lie on the beach, pick yourself up and dust yourself off quickly and with dignity and hopefully the fear won’t hang around for very long.

Good luck, we hope this helps and just remember to drink responsibly!