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Party at Phanganist Hostel with DJ MAXXFEY! He tells his story to us...

1 Mar 2017

Maxxfey will play Phanganist Hostel tonight, Wednesday March the 1st! We catch up with him before the party...

Tell us your Koh Phangan story...
My first time in Koh Phangan was in 2014, It was amazing trip. My friend showed me that paradise. I was in love with an island.

That's why it's my fourth time here.

I think everyone will find interest for themselves on the island; the sun; the Sea; fruits; yoga; travel; many parties; sport and more and more things.

What got you into music?
I was born in north Russia (Yakutsk city). It is minus 55 degrees in a winter. That's why we have many parties in warm night clubs!

My mother is a doctor and when she was studying in university she also was learning music. She was a singer in a band.

My father is military and knows how to play the accordion so I think that this is a general reason for my passion for music.

We had a lot of vinyl records at home of famous singers such as Pink Floyd, Michael Jackson, Beatles etc and when I was a boy I listened to them every time after school. My love for music has appeared since.

When did you start djing?
I started as a DJ in 1997. I was infected by House music but the general reason is because of the band The Prodigy who I describe as ‘electronic punks’!

Since then I worked in many general nightclubs in Yakutsk and Moscow city.

In 2005 I received the diploma of financial education and then the boss of a famous night club, where I was working as a DJ, offered me to make parties and become an art director.

What makes you unique and what's your style?
I think my uniqueness is a big love to the music. I like many different kinds of music, but in general for now it’s Tech House.

What will you do for Phanganist Hostel on Wednesday?
I want to open my musical soul on at Phanganist Hostel. Try to not miss it!

Why should people come?  
To have fun and listen to good music

What are your plans for this year?
I would like to move to the USA!

What do you think of the Phangan party scene?
An important feature and the difference between these scenes is that they are in the jungle and by the sea.

What do you enjoy in your free time on the island?  
I enjoy swimming, riding a bike and searching for new beaches.

And leave us with your music philosophy…
There is no life without music. Music brings people together.