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Myanmar DJ Double Z and his Phanganist Debut!

22 May

Double Z is from Myanmar but he has been on the island for one year, he works at Echo Beach where he has been flexing his new DJ skills also. He will join Zenso Duo & Friends at Phanganist on Wednesday 24th of May so we catch up with him before…

Did you learn to DJ on Koh Phangan?
Yes at Academix DJ school here in Baan Tai.

What got you interested?
Because it’s one of my hobbies, I really like to play music and now I have started to play at Echo Beach and Fifth Element.

How was it learning at Academix?
Really cool, now I can play cdjs and controller, I’m waiting to learn sound production with Leon also, he is my teacher and he teaches me everything.

What is your favourite music to play?
Here at Phanganist I will play Deep House but I can play everything, I really like to play Trap.

Why do you like Trap?
For dancing, it is dance music for me as it is so fresh.

What will you do for your set on the 24th of May at Phanganist?
I will play Deep and Funky House, I will open first so I need to get it going. I will start funky, warm people up and chilling, then go up and up.

What do you hope for the future?
I have too many plans but I really want to play in my country. I will go and play EDM and Trap so I am learning here to take it there but if I’m gonna play I also have to produce.

What do you enjoy about Phangan?
The reason why I moved here is for island, the beach, the sea and I heard about lots of parties so it is good for my Djing also.

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