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For the Love of Vinyl - Vinyl Warriors at Phanganist

26 May

Vinyl Warriors is the creation of Tip Lancaster, he has a deep love of vinyl and has spent many years dedicated to it and the scene.

The crew was formed at Tippy’s previous business ‘The Local Bar’ which in its time was renowned for its vinyl beats, Boiler Room style meet ups and amazing ‘Birmingham Indian Curries’ which were and still are, cooked by the man himself.

The Vinyl Warriors weekly meet ups brought together Phangan’s vinyl DJs to share skills and enjoy the tactile experience of playing vinyl which has somewhat been lost in the DJ scene with the introduction of the latest technology.

Any vinyl DJ knows that it will never be forgotten and they are passionate about keeping this original skill alive.

Vinyl Warriors members Tip and El Tez will be joining us on Friday 26th of May for our weekly Bass Night to bring the essence of what they do for all you lovely Phanganists.

Other members of Vinyl Warrior are Aaron Fevah, Dave king and Samatorez and they will all be playing together very soon.

Vinyl Warriors give a lot of respect also to Leon from Academix, his consistent maintenance on their 1210 Technics decks means that they can continue as good as ever!

They also have guest DJs including Graham Gold, Kumar, Jourdan Bordes, Ryan McCormack Roni Kush, Zane Brown and DJ Army.

Along with Thai legends playing Vinyl such as Dj Aom, Dj Boyonic, Dj A and Dj Army

The ladies who play are Jummi Jum, Stella Bellamy, DJ Pebbles and they are all extended members that are likely to grace the decks later on in the year.

The Vinyl Warriors Scene is still big and always growing as the love for vinyl never dies so join us on Friday night to celebrate!



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