Latin Dance Classes on Koh Phangan with Eva Wellness

9 Aug 2017

Ahead of Latin Night tonight at Phanganist we catch up with Eva who gives you a free class from 8pm!! Find out more about what you can learn and her new intensive course coming soon!

Hi Eva, how are you?
Fantastic! Excited for the next latin night!

So give us a bit of background into your dancing for those who don’t know…
I have been dancing since I was 7 which was first time I heard the Gypsy Kings. I went crazy spinning around not knowing what I was doing but I got addicted to latin music. Then at 18 years old I took my first latin dance classes and it was the best thing I've ever done in my life!
I only took 7 classes but it gave me a strong foundation and the confidence to dance.

Have you been enjoying our Latin nights?

It’s one of my fave parties so far, because everyone is dancing! What I enjoy most is giving the dance classes and having everyone follow my dance moves and seeing everyone have a good time and learning new moves is great fun for everyone.

In your classes here, what and how will you teach people?
I focus on teaching people to dance on their own (without a partner) this allows for a good time anywhere, any place. In the classes I teach how to isolate your body parts and learn to move each one to any kind of music not just latin.

Why should people come dance latin?
Cause latin music is hot, sexy and super fun!

Tell us about your new intensive course…

You will learn how to dance to salsa, Hip Hop, reggaeton, RnB and bachata. The class is similar to a zumba (dance fitness) class which is like dance and fitness combined.

You will sweat and get in shape but it doesn't even feel like you're exercising cause your dancing and having fun!

We will have a 3 day intensive course for beginners and an additional 2 days afterwards for those who want to learn more, we alsO have drop in classes if you are only on the island for one day!

How do you want people to feel when they learn to dance with you?
Fun fun fun sexy sexy sexy!

How would you explain your particular dance style?

The dance moves are a combination of african dance, cuban salsa, and reggae, there's a lot of hip and bum shaking as well as sexy arm movements and lots of cool footwork. It sounds complicated but i break it down slowly and make it easy to learn.

What makes Latin unique over other styles?
It's a personal preference but i find latin addictive and full of passion.

And can you implement this dance into the ‘party scene’?
All the moves that i teach can be danced to any style of music.

Can boys join in?
Of course! Boys will be happy to see that 80% of class is girls so it's a great way to meet new ladies. Boys particularly benefit from learning to dance because that will give them sex appeal when they go out to any party there's nothing sexier than a man that can dance!

How can we join this amazing dancing?
There's a free class every Wednesday at Phanganist 8pm and the intensive course starts every Thursday at Podium Gym in Baan Tai at 12pm - 1.