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Dance Lessons at Phanganist Hostel with Eva! What Can You Expect??!!

11 Feb 2017

Eva will give dance lessons for our Full Moon Day Mini Festival here at Phanganist Hostel on February the 12th from 5.30pm, she will also give you lovely Phanganist's a performance to get you in the mood! We catch up with her so you can find out more!...

How are you Eva?
I am fantastic!

How are the fitness classes going at Phanganist?
I’m loving our new fitness classes, we are getting more and more people each class which is exciting because I want people to have fun and get in shape.

You will teach dance for our festival, what can people learn?
People will learn Full Moon dancing. Basically it's how to dance at any party to music ranging from techno house to reggae or pop. I will teach basic dance moves that you can mix together to create your own style.

What's important when dancing?
What's important when dancing is to dance to the beat. So the first thing I teach is listening to the music and finding the beat. The second most important thing is to have FUN and not overthink things.

And what will you perform for us?
I will perform Latin dancing (salsa) as well as Techno House.

What do you usually do around Full Moon time on KP?
Around full moon time I like to go to at least one party. Some of my favourites are Jungle Experience, and Backyard Bar. But I also love Eden Bar on Saturdays.

Why should people come to learn to dance with you?
People should come for a lesson if they are shy to dance and want to learn some moves to feel more comfortable. This should eliminate the need to have 3 tequila shots in order to loosen up...haha!

How do you feel when you're dancing?
When I dance I feel like I'm in paradise. It's a total meditation for me. I used to drink a lot when I didn't know how to dance, but once I learned, then just dancing was enough to keep me having fun all night.

And how do you want other people to feel?
I want people to overcome their shyness and let loose. I also want to teach them how to learn more moves at a party...here's a little secret on how to do that.

Give us your best tips for having fun during full moon on kp....
My tip during full moon is to make sure you drink responsibly. As a certified Nutritionist I always advise partygoers to have a glass of water and a juice after every 2 alcoholic beverages. There's nothing worse then getting sick on your vacation. I actually offer a ‘Party Smart’ Hangover Prevention Kit; it's a mixture of vitamins, minerals and herbs designed to prevent a hangover...it's only 250 baht and worth every penny (or Baht actually, HaHa!) But in case you don't purchase the Party Smart Kit and and wake up with a killer hangover, I also have a Hangover Detox Kit which will help you to make a Speedy recovery. Also just 250 Baht. You can purchase the ‘Hangover Prevention’ and ‘Hangover Detox’ kits at Phanganist Hostel... more sales locations coming soon.

To book a private dance or fitness class, a nutrition session or physio therapy...Eva Wellness does it all ! Just email her at: info@evawellness.com or message her on Facebook at Eva Wellness