Koh Phangan Techno

28 Feb 2020

Techno is ruling the dancefloors right now on the island of Koh Phangan. Events are bringing the big names from music ruling cities such as Berlin and this island is turning into a hotspot for international Techno lovers to come and hear amazing music in one of the most beautiful party locations in the entire world.
koh phangan techno
If you didn’t know already, Koh Phangan’s first electronic music style was Psy-Trance, then came Rave and House music. Over time you notice events listing their style as Tech-House, the first clue that a more hard-style was being appreciated on the beach and jungle dancefloors.

Now, everyone loves Techno. As our friend Darragh Casey puts it “it’s in fashion for sure”.
koh phangan techno
But how is Techno so different from House? In simple terms it focuses more on the 4/4 beat and can be described as ‘dark or harder’. House can be enjoyed by most people whereas it takes a bit of time to get your ears around Techno if you’ve not been into more dirty genres of music before. Fans of dark Drum n Bass for example probably get it a bit quicker than those who listen to Pop music.

Generally speaking, most electronic music that is enjoyed on this island is the more ‘melodic’ variety. We believe this is because Koh Phangan is a tropical island with a chilled atmosphere so the wavy soft vibes of melody fit better to the natural party settings of Phangan.

This is why you might mostly hear or be able to get into ‘Melodic Techno’ first before wrapping your ears around the deeper pure stuff.

Techno is a big genre though and what might be Techno to one person will not be to another.

The Techno sound on Phangan however IS getting harder in places, more people appreciate a full on sound, maybe because of their exposure to different types of Techno from traveling to European cities?

Is it just that Techno has become the main sound around the world in terms of Dance Music? And so Koh Phangan is naturally following the mass preference as would naturally happen being an underground party destination (excluding the Full Moon). This island can be in a bit of a bubble so it takes people to go outside and bring in the latest sound for the island to ‘catch up’.
koh phangan techno
Techno brings a different energy and it could be that the energy of the island is shifting and so this is the music that fits more right now, everything could always change as usual. The great thing about Techno is its multiple sub-genres, Tech-House, Melodic Techno (especially loved here) Acid-Techno, Hard-Tek, the list goes on, people will always argue what is Techno and what isn’t but the broad spectrum means that the Techno tag is being thrown around quite a lot.

If you like Techno or want to know what ‘Koh Phangan Techno’ is all about then our suggestions would be to go to Addict Forest Club, Jungle Experience, Lighthouse, Eden, Guys Bar or Lost Paradise parties.

Let’s see what music comes next!