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Hin Ngam Beach a secret gem

15 Aug 2015

Phanganist Photographer Rasmus took a trip to one of the islands lesser known beaches to give us an insight on this rocky little gem of paradise.

If you go from Thong Sala you take the road to Chaloklum.Once in Chaloklum you follow the road through. Then you go over the mountain, and it is the second road on the left, go to the bottom of that road and you are there.

You have to climb a lot of steep stairs but it is worth the workout.

Hin Ngam Beach has many unique characteristics.

There is no sand, only rock and stones of various sizes.

Around the beach it is surrounded by shady trees and is ideal for swimming and snorkelling.

There is a lot going on around this area, boats coming in and out plus a glorious sunset view.

We heard from a Thai local that the beach is Sacred and blessed as it was visited by a special Monk.

It has wonderful views over Chaloklum Bay where there is a lot of fishing boat activity.
Go have a visit and enjoy!