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Take Care of the Beauty of the Beach

30 Aug 2018

What makes Koh Phangan so magical and unique in all of the vast global world of Earth is its mostly untouched nature and protected land.

Unlike, Koh Samui which is like a mini city on an island, Phangan’s national parks are protected and so most of the island is undeveloped including its glorious beaches.

If you are coming to stay on the island, even for a short time, the beach is going to be top of your list. From busy Haad Rin to Secret spots you can only trek through the jungle to get to, you’ll want to experience the tropical postcard picture scenes that you may never encounter again.

But remember to not leave a trace.

The beach can only remain beautiful if the humans who visit them do not leave foreign objects and rubbish, beaches cannot talk to tell you this but unfortunately they speak in other ways when the environmental impact begins to take a visual response.

Beaches are ugly when littered with rubbish, but who does that to them? We do. It’s so easily avoided, whatever you take to the beach take it away with you and then put it in a bin or even better recycle!

Plastic and other rubbish can get into the ocean and really does have a detrimental effect on the marine and ocean animal life.

There are many organisations working on this, mostly the dive schools as they see first hand the effects of this. There are organised beach cleans and lots of awareness being raised but you can make a little difference just yourself by remembering (it’s not hard) to ‘LEAVE NO TRACE’.

Thanks for reading, we hope that generations of young and old people can continue to enjoy the wonder of Phangan’s beaches for years to come and all it takes is a little awareness from us all.