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Sweet little Maya Puppy

20 Aug 2015

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Name: Maya
Age: About 8 weeks I think
Male / female: I am a little girl
Human friends name: Ian & Helen

When did you meet your Human friend and how was it?
I met Ian and Helen at Phangan Animal Care. I had been having a bad time because my Mama died when my littermates and I were very small. A kind monk had tried to help by bottle feeding us but some of us got sick and it became difficult for him to look after us all. That's why we ended up at PAC. My brothers all got adopted quickly and I don't know why I was left until last.

The people at PAC were really kind, but I wanted a family of my own, more freedom and to find out more about the world outside. Luckily, PAC had posted my pictures on something called Bookface. Apparently that's how Ian and Helen found me. They decided to come and see if I would get along with their 7-month-old dog Ollie. He thought I was cute so they took me home! It was a bit scary at first and Ollie played a bit rough. Now he is my best friend and shares everything with me, his toys and even his food. I love my big brother!

What is your favourite food?
I haven't tried everything yet but I think my favourite thing is what you are eating right now!

What makes you most happy?
I love playing with my brother Ollie, belly rubs, mealtimes and coconut oil massages- I have a touch of something called eczema and the massages are purely for medical reasons ;)

What do you like to do when you see your human friend coming back?
I tend to 'yip' a lot and skip around in circles until someone picks me up so I can bite their nose. This is the highest form of polite greeting in puppy circles.

Do you like to go to the beach and get into the water?
I have been to the beach twice. I think the water is pretty scary and I found out sand isn't good for eating. I think it's quite a good place for digging though.

Do you have dog friends from the hood?
Where we live, we don't see many other dogs. When I am a grown-up, I would love to meet more dogs!

What is your most favourite Chillaxing spot?
I like to chillax on Ian's feet or on the floor near Ollie.