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Cool Artist's dogs Alfie and Larny

20 Aug 2015



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Names: Alfie (aka Alfie Mama, Alf-man, Sir Alfred) & Larny (aka Larnstables, Larnster, Queen Shiva)
Age: Alfie is 2 years old; Larny is 1 and a half (in human years)
Gender: Dude and Gal
Human friends names: Chris (Big poppa) and Em

When did you meet your Human friends and how was it?
Alfie: Chris was painting this huge exterior mural down in Haad Rin. It was pretty rough where I lived, I didn’t have many friends there and I was always searching through bins to find food. It just so happened that he was painting this exterior spot at nighttime’s right next to where I walked around by myself in the evening. If any other doggies out there have ever met Chris, then they’ll know the first thing he does when he sees a dog is greet them with open arms, and by far, I was no exception. I was pretty nervous at first as I wasn’t sure whether to trust him.

Also, I had a fairly unsightly skin condition, so not many humans would normally want to stroke me. I remember well, he was eating some fried rice sat next to his painting in the dimly lit street. He called me over to see whether I wanted to share his food. I was so surprised, I just ran away!!! Later on that night, I returned to find he had left me a little pile of the rice on the floor. Over the next few nights, I went back and each night he would give me food and water. I slowly began to realise he wanted to be my friend and by the end of the painting I felt comfort in sleeping right near him whilst he worked. When he had finished a few nights then passed when I didn’t see him. I was worried that I had lost my friend forever? Little did I know what he was planning! It was the night of the Full Moon, some Humans had decided to put this UV paint on my face and back which was feeling quite uncomfortable. I took shelter from the loud crowds by sitting on the step near Chris’ painting. Out of the darkness came a loud scooter noise, one that I recognised well! Before my eyes appeared Chris and his good friend Vics with a blanket and were both smiling at me. They took me away from Haad Rin and had the best nights sleep ever inside my new home. The next day, I was showered, loved, put on medication for my skin condition, and I was finally away from the dark dusty streets of Haad Rin and reunited with my buddy Chris.
Larny: Originally I was adopted by a gentleman called Pascal, he saw me on the beach, I was alone and very young so can’t remember much. He looked after me very well. Unfortunately, one morning, Pascal didn’t come home. He had been in a serious bike crash and, God bless his soul, he passed away. I was sad that I had lost my best friend and was unsure what would become of my fate. Whilst living with Pascal, I had also made friends with Chris and Emma who were living next door. They already had a Dog named Alfie and I would sometimes go up to their balcony and relax too. After what happened, they took me in full time and we became one big family. We moved away from the area, and now live on a different part of the island. Chris and Emma feed me nice healthy food all the time, play with me in the garden, and take me to the beach. I will never forget Pascal and what he did for me. I am also so happy to have such a loving new family too.

What is your favourite food?
Ohhhhhh we love our daily meal of brown rice, chicken and carrots. They also get us a big Pork bone to chew on for hours in the garden! Although …… we absolutely love ice cream as a treat!!!

What makes you most happy?
Riding round on the bike with Chris and knowing I’m safe and looked after.
Larny: Playing, playing and playing!

What do you like to do when you see your human friends coming back?
My Sister Larny and me get up to all kinds of mischief (when Chris and Em are out)!! We love to bark lots, run around in the garden, and go on missions together!
Larny: When they come back, we go crazy!!! We are always so happy to see them. I try to pretend to be a dolphin or a seal and do funny flip jumps. Em sometimes picks me up and swings me around.

Do you like to go to the beach and get into the water?
Both: Absolutely yes!!!! It’s one of our favourite things to do. We like the beach near Phanganist HQ as we used to live near there.

Do you have dog friends from the hood?
Alfie: Not where I’m originally from. That was a tough little hood and I’m not sure what’s happened to many of the dogs I used to see there. I’m lucky enough now to have an awesome partner in crime, Larny though!
Larny: Alfie is my best friend, I don’t need any other dog, apart from he does try to steal my food…

What is your most favourite Chillaxing spot?
Alfie: mmmmm……. the sofa!!!! (But shhhhh, don’t tell Chris!)
Larny: Ha-ha yeah me too! The good sofa that I’m not supposed to sleep on hahahahaha!!!

Cheers you cool dudes! See you at Home x