Keivyn and Tha Flock

12 Feb 2021

Described as a mixture of Rage Against The Machine and The Roots (or not!), Keivyn & Tha Flock definitely bring the Funk and Hip Hop to live music here on Koh Phangan.

The seed was planted but took a year to grow for them all to start to get together to create this awesome and eclectic band made up of colourful expat locals here on the island.

They have already been performing at Jungle Experience, bringing a real festival element to one of the most popular electronic dance parties here.

Their music is all original with vocalist Keivyn writing from his life experience, plus they do covers to please the crowd of course!

Learn what makes them tick as a group and how they find the time to practice and get together on our wonderful island of Koh Phangan.