Villy from Ananda, teaching you to breathe again

12 Feb 2021

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Name: Villy
Country: Greece
Occupation: Managing director at Ananda

Villy was born in Sweden and grew up in Greece with her family, mum, dad and two sisters.
She followed a path of either getting a career first, or trying to make her CV more interesting, so she chose the latter. On the way of this path she was re-discovering the connections between us, the earth and other creatures. Meeting other channels and putting some pieces in the puzzle and expanding her database.
The most important thing she did was to work on herself and after this she began working with others. Villy describes this as ‘Action reaction’. “Let's say action is me and reaction is the meeting with other people”.

How did you get to be at Ananda?
It is one of those things that happens and you just follow the events. I consider myself lucky because I am so far lucky in following the events of my life.

What skills do you have?
That is something that scares me, when people ask me this because what skills are we favouring? Like surviving in reality, or skills to survive in a mental world? People who are good at standing on their heads or keeping body positions or the skills of a mathematician who knows how to make big buildings for example. Some people are more skilled in the psychic sides of life while others in something very different.
And of course a mathematician is appreciated for his ability to create a building. But the man who can stand on his head, have a whole different view and a different mind and add to the world a whole different, but for me, just as an important perspective.

So what skills are we talking about?
We are talking about the skills of communication and transmitting through change, and actually making the change. These kind of skills are what I am talking about and find interesting. People are lacking communication. They get more and more afraid of communicating. People on Phangan get stuck in communities. We have hippy communities on Bali and in Goa, but instead of getting it out in the world we tend to close ourselves up in small communities and not really apply it into the real world or even try to apply it. Make the change to your own world. Make the change in your village where you come from. Not everyone is coming from a big place. Go out to your village and spread the word, come back here if you like but at least do and attempt to go out and help the people who can not come here and do this. I will guide you.

I will teach you to breathe again. We forgot how to breathe. Teach people how to breathe again. In my own village people are afraid to express themselves. If they are enjoying themselves or are sad about something They will just sit in front of the tv and take that in. Greece is not doing that well right now, but everyone is embarrassed even just to ask for help from their friends!! Communities out there in the world are in need of people who come and help and are doing it from the bottom of their souls. I want people to think they are more than human beings. It is like our potential right now is below zero. And we must try to exchange our views, let them hear about other ways of living.

We heard that you do many different kind of massages. One of them is the Yoni Massage. Please elaborate for us?
Yes, I do Yoni massage. 

It starts with a full body massage and then you massage the Yoni from outside and then when the woman is ready, you enter the Yoni with one finger and you massage the cervix walls.
It is a very powerful massage with a lot of emotional release. It makes you feel the energy moving from head to toes and helps you to control this energy without necessarily reaching an orgasm, which is not the issue.

Can you describe an ordinary day in Ananda?
I answer all of the emails in my inbox from customers and guests. I check the detox program and see if all of the parts of the program are ok. I check with the guests if they like the massage or if the sauna is too hot or if anyone is having problems with the colonic sessions or the yoga classes maybe. I go to the restaurant and connect with the people there. A lot of my day is just talking to people.

Why do people come to Ananda?
Because we are considered as one of the best environments to do a detox program. We cover everything from massages, yoga, sauna, colonics, the pool, we have everything in one spot. You don't have to organise anything, everything is prepared for you. And of course Noa, Noa is the captain of the detox program. Everyone has something to say about Noa.

What is your connection to Phangan?
I been here five years now. My connection is the community.

What projects have you been doing here on Phangan?
I've done a personal project. I am my own project, and I think I have succeeded so far. I consider myself as a success project, I stopped smoking, I stopped drinking. I don't eat meat, fish or dairy. I do yoga, I swim a lot, I exercise, I do the cleanses ( the detox programs ) and I am much better at seeing behind the bullshit now.

What are your future plans?
As I said before, you have to go out and find where the need is. Where people are tired of being afraid, living in fear, being tired of the bullshit, being afraid of everything. Not getting enough love, being controlled and being unhappy. It is my plan, idea and my hope, to create communities, small groups around the world where we can start changing things. People are stuck in one box, literally even. They want to be free, they WANT to change. We are the people who can help. We are doing it here. Because of the place HERE, because of the vibe here people see that their dreams CAN come true. It IS possible to change things and the life.
I have a plan to go to Panama in a small village there where a friend of mine is staying and we will try slowly slowly to make a community with people who would like to try something different. They are tired of the way things are now and willing to try something else. I believe this will open doors for opportunities. Other ways of thinking and new ways of doing things worldwide. For most of us it is not a big discovery if we are not alone in the universe. We kind of counted on that. People are more open to things like yoga. Paying more attention to their surroundings, the environment. We are in a time where information has been flowing freely and we have the opportunity not just to believe what they tell us in the news or on the tv. I feel that advertising and commercials have ruined our way of thinking. Instead of realizing the need for change, we have been led to believe in consuming, not paying attention and more consuming. Environments like Koh Phangan are very good in helping people to wake up from this reality and see beyond the bullshit. We have to apply that to the real world around us also. I suffered from many stress attacks and I have met many people with same conditions.

What is your life philosophy?
To breath deeply. Breathing in is when you start to admit then when you exhale you let go. This is what you are trying to do. Someone can guide you or you can do it yourself. But this is somehow like a life goal to achieve this.