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Market Treats with Leo

10 Oct

You can't just row past these floating market treats. Let's go on a quick tour, shall we?

Fish cakes 🍥
fish cakes
The classic Thai street food that's juicy and tender with a kick of spice with every bite.

Fried bananas 🍌

Battered and deep-fried till golden perfection, this sweet and crunchy snack is great for any on-the go adventure.

Fresh seasonal fruits 🍍
seasonal fruit
Thailand is the land of tropical fruits. Come between June and September to maximize your local fruit experience.

Traditional Thai coffee ☕️

2 words. Coffee. Heaven.

Grilled prawns 🍤

Sounds ordinary? How about adding our Thai spicy seafood sauce next round?

Deep-fried mussels 🐚

This deep-fried dish is battered with flour and tossed with mussels for an incredibly mouth-watering appetizer.

Fried quail eggs 🍳

Prepared in a traditional cast iron griddle and served sunny side-up, these bite size quail eggs are super popular as street food or floating market goodies.

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