Libraries, Books and Reading on Koh Phangan

25 Oct 2017

Sitting down with a good book is one of life's simple pleasures. The wonderful thing about reading is it can be used for an array of purposes, educating yourself, expanding your imagination, learning, escaping reality and amusement etc. Think about the time before the internet if you can remember or imagine, books are where we all found out everything.

Luckily books and reading have lived on beyond the introduction of the internet, something about sitting with physical pages, the love of the bind of paper, the smell or whatever it is means that those who love reading books continue to do so.

Books go hand in hand with travelling and holidays. There’s always some popular ‘holiday recommendation’ for the season and travel books that get handed down from backpacker to backpacker a bit like the holy grail.

Koh Phangan is the perfect place to read and get into a book, with its beautiful beaches and quiet nature, all you need is a hammock for the ultimate reading experience!

A lot of hostels and businesses have started to do a book swap section where visitors can leave books and pick up ones which are left free of charge. So when you finish a book you know you can grab another to keep you going on the next long train or bus ride.

If you wish to buy a book here then there is a book shop in Thong Sala which sells new and secondhand books from all different subjects, fiction and nonfiction.

The Agama Spiritual Library is located in Sri Thanu and although you cannot get your beach type romance novel here you will find everything you need to know regarding spiritual practice and yoga! They have a large collection of books and also a wide knowledge to help.

Located in Thong Nai Pan Yai you can also visit the Buddhadarma library to learn of Thailand's Buddhism.

If you cannot find what you are wanting then maybe make the action yourself. Ask the hostel or hotel to start up a book swap, be the one to place the first book or ask others if you can read their book when finished.

If you have time on your hands, want to wander off into a different world or learn about something new then there are lots of places where you can make yourself comfy and settle into a nice read here on Koh Phangan.