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Support Our George (PAK) to Get the Help he Needs

27 Sep

George Gannon has been part of the Koh Phangan community for a couple of years now, most will know him and his girlfriend Natalie Grace with their business Kohnnect where they help islanders with their social media and websites.

George even started DJing at Waterfall Party under the name PAK and they have been doing crucial work for Phangan Animal Care and run campaigns for environmental conservation on the island with beach clean ups and teaching both locals and travellers about plastics.

On the morning of September 25th 2018, George woke up and he had lost the ability to speak and move his legs.

After a long boat trip with a team of nurses and his girlfriend by his side, they arrived at Koh Samui hospital.

George has been diagnosed with a brain tumour which they believe is malignant.

This may have metastasised (or spread) from skin cancer for which he was treated some 2 years ago 

He has no medical insurance and the bills are running at approx £600 per day. A neurosurgeon will be with him from Bangkok on the weekend of 30th/31st Sept when they will decide if they can operate.

George's family would like to fly him home to be with his family in the UK, as long as the doctors say he is fit to fly. His Mother and her youngest son will be flying out as soon as they can to be with him 

With your help, they can stay near to the hospital and when, God willing, George is able, they can fly back with him to get medical attention in the UK.

Please help in any way you can.

Click on the just giving link HERE.

All Phanganist's Teams thoughts are with George's loved ones. Xxx 

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