Activities to do on Koh Phangan whatever your Budget

4 Jun 2017

Budget seems to be a big factor for many of us and rightly so! You may be a backpacker who is having to watch their Bahts carefully so as to travel to many other places or you may be a family with a bit more money to spend so as to create an amazing experience for you all, so money is important when it comes to choosing things to do here.

We’ll split it into 3 sections and you can pick and choose from our suggestions as you like;

Low Budget

Things to do; Walk to the beach, Swim in the sea, Visit local landmarks & Nature, Yoga on the beach, walk round the markets, Play Games with friends, Share skills with people, volunteer with PACS.

We’ve listed things that are pretty much FREE of charge to do here and there are plenty more! Just because you’re on a low budget does not mean you have to miss out and actually the beauty of Koh Phangan is that is is beautiful in itself and so as long as you don’t mind a bit of walking or physical activity you can hike up to viewpoints or immerse yourself in nature’s waterfalls whilst here.

You can still enjoy social activities on a low budget, grab some beers from the shop which is cheaper than a bar and head down to your own lovely hang out on the beach with friends, you can even get cheap food and snacks from the food market to take with you!

You can visit temples for free, some within walking distance of the main hostels in Baan Tai and Thong Sala and some within a short drive if you are hiring a scooter, here you can learn about Buddhist culture which is deeply rooted in Thailand.

Everyone’s favourite past time here is free also, sunset. Experience some unforgettable breathtaking sky, sun and cloud shows you will ever see. You may also meet lots of people with different talents and skills which you can share and swap rather than having to pay for them. Lots of visitors can do yoga, massage and arts and crafts so find a skill you can swap for something you want to learn in return!

Medium Budget

Things to do; Watersports, Muay Thai Boxing, Diving, Paragliding, Yoga.

When you have a little more budget this is when you can start thinking about activities you would like to do a course in and the island has many to offer!

These courses cost a little more but are still more affordable than in the Western world such as diving. Here in Thailand is one of the cheapest places to learn to dive and then you can take this skill further on your travels.

If you like the ocean then there are an array of sports like kite surfing, wind surfing or stand up paddle board to chose from all with qualified and experienced instructors and schools.

And Koh Phangan is famous for its yoga schools! You can partake in a month long intensive course of yoga or chose to do a more drop in style at places like Agama in Sri Thanu.

When it comes to discovering food on the island you have a bit more choice, there are many restaurants serving cuisines from all over the world especially here in Baan Tai and Thong Sala, quality cuisine at yet affordable prices. You can indulge in a sunset beach dinner with wine for around 1000 Baht for 2 people at restaurants such as Fisherman’s.

High Budget

Things to do; Private speedboat cruise, rent a villa, private chefs, bespoke tours.

Koh Phangan has a lot to offer if you really want a luxury experience on this tropical paradise island. You can rent a private boat or speedboat for a day, including captain, to take you on a cruise around the island and tailor it to your needs with stops on secluded beaches and food and drink. Pretty much everything is on offer if you have an idea and a high budget.

There are some amazing private villas which have been built in just the last few years which can cater to all your needs, whatever you would like is able to happen; a private in house chef to cook you lovely meals, one on one fitness training or yoga, private cars and luxury experiences.

If you have a high budget you can enjoy the luxury of absolutely anything you desire but on a private one to one basis without you having to lift a finger to do anything and without the hassle of being around crowded places with lots of people. Enjoy!