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DISCOVER PARADISE; A backpacker's story

13 Oct 2018

I started my travel through Asia a few months ago, so I ́ve been backpacking for quite a while now. Arriving in Thailand was like taking a deep breath. Clean and organized cities, beautiful nature and an amazing tourist infrastructure – travelling Thailand is so uncomplicated and easy-going compared to other parts of Asia.

Due to thousands of recommendations by friends and other travellers I met on my trip, I decided I just had to visit Koh Phangan! So I went there, straight from Bangkok by bus and ferry. The booking was easy, the trip very organized.

When I arrived to the island, after an amazing boat trip through the gold of Thailand, we found a bunch of taxis already waiting and collecting people from the same hostel. There can ́t go anything wrong here! For a few Baht they dropped me off at the Phanganist hostel. And honestly, I ́ve never seen a hostel like this! Huge, open space, an own bar, nice pool and amazing dormitories.

Clean, big-sized mattresses and even curtains in front of the beds – they know what a backpacker needs. After taking some rest from my trip, I went to the hostel-owned bar. Within seconds, I became part of an amazing, super warmly travel family. Everyone was so candid and open-hearted - What a cool bunch of people! So we started drinking. I didn't ́t realize there are that many drinking games! A nice sound system, good music, fun people and lots of beer pong made this night perfect. You might think that was it, but as I got to know then, it appeared to just be the pre-party. At midnight a taxi already waited right in front of the hostel, ready to pick us up for the beach party. Even though it wasn't ́t full moon time, we got the chance to experience a party at exactly this beach. What a night!

But I have to admit, Koh Phangan surprised me. This island has so much more to offer than just full- and half moon-parties! After getting the chance to see a bit more, I couldn't ́t stop telling everyone how amazing this place is! It inspired me particularly through its spiritual, chilled, hippie-flair and its fabulous beaches. Crystal-clear water, white sand and palm trees everywhere – I felt like I just discovered paradise! And there ́s so much more so experience. Koh Phangan contains breathtaking waterfalls, delicious food, lively markets, impressing Buddhist temples and, this for sure, the best sunsets for miles around.

Just rent a bike and discover this place. So did I and I guess I truly fell in love with this island. Folks, the only thing I have to say at this point: Don't ́t miss Koh Phangan! Surrounded by amazing people you ́ll definitely have the time of your life!

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