What to do if you Get Tired whilst you Travel

12 Feb 2021

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It can be a long old journey down here from Bangkok and other parts of Thailand, especially if you’re getting the coach rather than flying, in fact unless you get a flight somewhere any journey can be long and tiresome.

Then there is the ferry, the only way you’ll get to magic island…

Journeys and travelling the long way in fact can be an adventure in itself so don’t be put off as you’ll get to witness dramatic scenery, see more into local life and culture and maybe meet some interesting people on the way.

But there’s no doubt about it, any kind of travel can make you tired. Sometimes it can take you a few days to recover, even after you have reached your wonderful location, you might feel like you’re supposed to be up and doing stuff straight away but you are too god damn tired still!

Don’t force yourself up though young ones, we have some things you can do to take care of yourselves and get back that much needed sprightly energy ready to dance, discover and enjoy Koh Phangan…

Stay Healthy
It can be hard on the road to stay healthy but try to stock up on lots of fruits and definitely tons of water to keep hydrated and nourished. Bad food will make you even more tired so keep yourself nourished with healthy choices where possible.

Try and move around a little as well, we know you’re tired and don’t feel like doing exercise but it will help keep your blood flowing and you’ll get a better rest if you are physically worn also, not too much, just a walk or 10 minute yoga will at least be beneficial. It could even wake you up a bit!

Chill Out
Enjoy the slower pace of life here in Thailand and Koh Phangan, give yourself time to recover from travelling although you may get ‘fear of missing out’ you can always catch up on things properly once you are back to 100% energy levels, the parties, people, activities and beaches are not going anywhere, trust us.

Pamper Yourself
Give yourself some pampering, a great way to do this is to get a massage. Rub away all the stiffness from travelling and you’ll feel all free and loose to enjoy the island.

Take a nice long shower, wash your hair, make yourself feel clean and beautiful again and this will help revitalise your energy. Look after yourself.

Adjust your thinking
Don’t get into a stupor that you are tired, be open and realise that you will feel better after some rest. Keep positive and enjoy the tiredness, if you can. Remember that it will pass and you can enjoy the rest of your adventurous travels.

Hard routine can be boring and repetitive but we are not talking about sleep, eat work repeat kinda routine. Instead, just try to get to bed at roughly the same time and awake at the same time, plus maybe eating at the same time and this will help get your body clock into a small routine which in the end will
give you more energy.

Get involved with your new buddies and be open to their suggestions on things to do, they may suggest things you wouldn’t of thought of which will give you some fresh energy into your life!

You’ll be back to high energy awakeness in no time at all!