Ibiza night at Jungle Experience Party - Video

12 Feb 2021

Ten days before this month’s Full Moon Party on February 13th The Jungle Experience Party held an Ibiza night which obviously went down a storm with the ravers on the island. It featured an upbeat Ibiza sound with international  DJ’s Andy Baxter and Ken Fan. These guys, along with Jungle resident who came from Ibiza as well DJ Marco Loco, kept the tunes banging all night until the sun decided to rise. Nobody wanted to go home!

The night was an incredible spectacle and not just because of the great tunes. The sensational body art on show and fire dancers doing their ‘thing’ made for a fantastic vibe and the atmosphere rivalled the island’s biggest monthly moon party. Andy Baxter and Ken Fan played for one night only on Koh Phangan then moving onto Koh Tao before unfortunately having to leave the island to continue their tour.

Phanganist managed to get a great interview with these world famous DJ’s before they had to leave and please take a read to see how they found the island and especially the Jungle Experience. The next Jungle Experience Party is on 23rd February on Midnight which is one day before the Full Moon and features Spanish DJ David Herrero so get plenty of sleep beforehand and enjoy the 2 solid days of party time!

Enjoy  ..

Soundtrack: Rovot Noise by Marco Loco

DJ Andy Baxter

DJ Ken Fan 

Lin having a snack just before the interview

Marco Loco and Andy 

Ninja 4 Rent - Fire show