The Bucket List - Eat Vegan Food

18 Sep 2019

What are the things YOU MUST DO whilst on Koh Phangan?! Here we present to you The Bucket List!

Get your new travelling buddies together, grab your bike or a taxi, take your camera to post on Instagram and create incredible memories each time you tick one off!

Number Eleven - Eat Vegan Food

Koh Phangan has a very health conscious side to it that coincides with all of the wellness and yoga retreats that the island is becoming more well known for. Alongside yoga and wellness comes health and so it is natural that you will find vegetarianism and vegan lifestyles here amongst the yogi and in fact more general community of the island.

Most Vegan restaurants are found in Sri Thanu (where the yoga schools are) and on the West coast but more and more vegan places have also recently opened all over the island so you should definitely try some whilst you’re here, you will be pleasantly surprised!

Some of the vegan restaurants here have been voted top places to visit by websites such as Happy Cow and many people have made Youtube vlogs calling Koh Phangan ‘Vegan Island’ so don’t miss out!!