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A Coconut a Day...

5 May 2019

A coconut a day….

Keeps the hangover away!

…well, coconuts are not THAT miraculous but, there is actually some truth behind this claim.

Let’s explore the benefits of drinking a coconut a day in Thailand!

You are right at the source
Have you noticed the increase of availability of packaged coconut water in the west? Although it is a delicious and healthy alternative to sodas etc, nothing beats a fresh coconut enjoyed directly in a tropical country! You should definitely take advantage of being right at the coco-source while travelling Thailand and other parts of Asia. They literally fall right from the palm trees into your lap, no sugars and preservatives added!

An Oscar for the best coconuts in the world…
…That’s what Thai coconuts deserve! It doesn’t matter if you buy one while exploring the busy streets of Khao San Road or while relaxing under a palm tree on Koh Phangan, the Thai coconuts will never disappoint you. They are just perfectly delicious all year long, never too sweet or too sour.

Source of electrolytes – Party and Yoga
Koh Phangan is famous for 2 main activities: Yoga and Party. No matter if you fancy one or the other, a coconut a day will benefit you greatly. High in electrolytes, the water supports your body and keeps it hydrated in the heat. Had a rough night and feel hung-over today? Forget about that cup of coffee with lemon juice and have a coconut instead! Fancy a yoga class and need an energy boost? Grab a coconut and feel the difference!

Crack it and snack it!
Hot days in Thailand might cause you to feel less hungry during lunch time than usually. If you don’t feel like having heavy Pad Thai, a coconut is a perfect alternative. Sip it slowly and scratch the flesh out once you are done. It is a very common practice in Thailand and you usually receive a handy spoon with your coconut automatically. If not, you can always ask the seller to open it up for you. The will happily crack it so you can snack it!

Affordable health booster
Got some good news for you! Fresh coconuts in Thailand are really affordable, especially when compared to the packaged options found in stores. You can buy them for 40 – 50 Baht almost anywhere in the streets of Thailand! That’s hardly more than a dollar so you get real value for your money since coconuts do not only contain electrolytes but also Vitamin C, antioxidants, potassium and a number of more beneficial minerals.

Get Creative
If you stay in Thailand for a longer time you might get bored of having pure coconuts all the time. The good news is that you can get creative and explore different variations. If you want to boost the hydration benefits you can add some natural salt to your coconut water. This is recommended especially after a physically exhausting day. You might also order a coconut shake, which is made by blending coconut water with its flesh and ice. Another alternative widely available on Koh Phangan is coconut lassi, which is made with yoghurt. When ordering variations, make sure you mention that you don’t want any sugar added if you want to get the most out of the health benefits of the fruit. Carry your own metal or bamboo straw if you want to save some plastic.


Although a coconut a day is super beneficial for your body and mind, the same rule as to anything else applies: Do not over consume. Fall in love but don’t obsess. You might feel bloated or struggle with uncomfortable bowel movements if you drink coconuts like plain water. Drink at least 2 liters of water a day on top of your coconut to stay healthy and hydrated in the heat!