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Maybe it’s time to go home for a bit…?

20 Aug 2019

Koh Phangan is an amazing island, one which some call magic and full of freedom, wonderful people, incredible nature and a calming atmosphere.

People from all over the world discover this island and return year after year or sometimes make it their permanent home, but there are also people who visit, without any kind of plan and get stuck.

With its reputation as being a ‘party island’ which is not wrong, it can be easy to get lost in the hedonistic party lifestyle and all that goes with it. It can also be easy if you are not of sound mind and easily lead to get sucked into a spiritual bubble of Tantra retreats and alternative activities if you’re not fully prepared and it may seem an easy way out of ‘normal life’ and responsibility.

Even with visa situations becoming more strict, people find a way of extending their tourist visa for many many months so they can stay on Koh Phangan.

Constant trips to Samui to extend, then border bounces and trips to neighbouring Countries to obtain the next tourist visa. It’s not meant to be able to be done but we’ve heard of people staying one year by doing these kinds of processes...they’ll do anything to stay on Phangan island.

But is there a time when really, you should just go home…?

Unfortunately, you may come across someone who is ‘living here’ but is not quite ‘with it’. You must remember to look after your mental and physical health, it is so easy to get lost here but what if you have no support network, you run out of money and you just want to be free on Koh Phangan…? You’ll have to ask for help elsewhere.

Koh Phangan isn’t going anywhere, you can always come back.

For expats who live here all year round, they have to work really hard to sustain a living and even some business owners and workers will leave the island for a few months to go and earn some money elsewhere. Most people will also take care of themselves, not going to every single party, not being out every night, they do normal things like go to the gym, make dinner and watch Netflix between working and enjoying the island life.

Are you finding yourself at a loose end if you’re not at a party?

Do you feel vulnerable?

Are you feeling like you constantly need to be around people?

Do you drink in the daytime, like, a lot?

Have you started to run out of money?

Got nothing to do?

Maybe it’s time for you to head home and re-ground yourself for a while.

Koh Phangan can be a crazy place and although we would love everyone to be here all the time living their best life. To be able to do that you need to be organised and in a good place in your head. The lifestyle here can be a big shock to the system, life changing even, but you need to respect it and also respect yourself.

To get the most of this beautiful island you need to care for yourself and know your purpose. It is also wise to be able to contribute in some way to the island’s economy and the people and no one has time or respect for a ‘floater’.

So take some time away, be dignified and come back refreshed, full of energy and ready to tackle things on Phangan next time in an even more magical and productive way!!