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Internal combustion! 7 foods that burn fat!

9 Sep

We continue our healthy week with a piece on food that burns fat! Excellent for Thailand.

Do you know the feeling of heat in the body after eating certain foods, sure you do, we’re in Thailand. Well, it turns out to be really good for speeding up fat burning.

Studies show that there are foods that may aid in slimming, by increasing metabolic rate.

How do they do it? With their thermogenic effect on the body - in other words, the amount of energy the body ‘burns’ to produce heat.

When we consume food we accelerate the action of the digestive system by using energy and creating heat in the process. This is known as thermogenesis. However, certain foods may temporarily increase thermogenesis and in the long term they can have an effect on metabolism and fat burning.

Thermogenesis is a metabolic process that occurs after each meal and together with the digestive process continues to burn calories hours after the meal is eaten. The process is mainly influenced by physical activity but it also depends on the type and amount of food we eat. The reason is that this effect occurs only when the diet is balanced. Here are some foods that have a thermogenic effect on the fats in your body.

Green tea
Lots of studies have been done on the health effects of green tea. Some found that catechins and caffeine, the antioxidant polyphenols found in green tea help promote metabolism and increase the amount of energy that the body burns and thus helps maintain weight.

Like many other spices garlic has compounds that can improve thermogenesis (the heat effect produced by food when digested) in brown fat tissue. The brown fat cells burn more sugar (glucose) and fatty acids in their metabolic processes so we lose more energy compared to the white fat we see on the stomach and thighs.

Chili pepper
Eating capsaicin - the active ingredient in chili pepper - increases the sense of satiety (feeling full), and reduces the number of calories and the consumption of fat in the meal. It was also found that intake of this component can increase the amount of energy we expend and oxidation of fat tissue and thus may prevent weight gain.

Ginger, just like hot pepper, contains capsaicin. Eating ginger - fresh or in powder - speeds up metabolism due to increased body heat production. Ginger root also improves circulation and metabolism and can also affect diet.

Black pepper
Black pepper increases the secretion of gastric juices, improves digestion and the active ingredient found in it, paparine, it’s even able to break fat cells and thus help slimming. In addition, it improves the absorption of food components by the walls of the intestines.

There are several healthy compounds found in mustard, including the known capsaicin. This compound gives mustard its stinging taste, but also its character. Mustard is a warm and invigorating plant that provides the body with external digestive enzymes, thus helping the digestive system in the process of metabolism.

Cinnamon helps regulate your blood sugar levels, and as a result can prolong your sense of satiety and reduce your craving for sweetness. Cinnamon also helps in digestion - it creates a heating effect in the stomach and allows for more efficient breakdown of food in the stomach.


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