Enjoying the feeling of 'Old Ibiza' on Phangan is Dj Xavier Arak

12 Feb 2021

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Spaniard Dj Xavier Arak popped into Phanganist HQ to talk about his life in Ibiza and playing on Koh Phangan...

Welcome back to Koh Phangan! What do you love about coming here?
I love Koh Phangan because I have the feeling that this is like the ‘old Ibiza’. Ibiza is now more commercial but it used to be more natural like here.

What were you up to in 2015?
I have been playing in Space in Ibiza and Privilege. I’m also a resident at Beach House Ibiza and I have been making a lot of new music productions.

You played recently at the new party Night Nature, how was it?
It was an amazing place and a really, really good feeling with the other djs, it was proper music.

I have a feeling this party will go up and up because the place and the atmosphere is so cool.

What will you bring to Night Nature on the 29th?
I’m gonna put in all of my energy to make the people dance and feel the music and then go home with a smile.

Where else have you been playing?
I’m going to play in Samui at Cha Cha Moon which is a fantastic place, also Night Nature on the 29th of course. I’m going to try to play in other places then I am going to Bali to play.

What are your main projects for this year?
To still make good productions, be a resident again at Beach House Ibiza and I think maybe move to Berlin as it is my kind of place there.

What is the Ibizan music scene like compared to Koh Phangan?
Ibiza is still one of the best places for electronic music but Phangan is more of a fresh place.

When you come here all of the people and the jungle give a lot to the atmosphere and it is not as massive as ibiza.

What is your style and how do you want people to feel when hearing your music?
My style of music is something like Deep Tech with melodic harmonies, I like to make people feel and remember all the tracks.

What do you enjoy about Koh Phangan when you're not playing?
I like Haad Tien, it’s a nice place and I also like the food, a lot.

Secret beach is another one of my favourite places.

What would you say to aspiring djs and producers?
Be focused on learning everything for this work and keep the dream up, don’t be superficial and whatever people say to you, keep doing it your way.

Learn and study music, it’s very important.

What is your life philosophy?
Life has to flow, think more with your heart and be a good person and everything will come.