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Our Phanganist Junglist Party Girl Carla

27 Oct 2017

Carla has been a firm supporter of Phanganist's Bass Nights since the beginning, a true Junglist from the heart, here's her story...

Hey Carla so tell us how you ended up on Koh Phangan?
I came here five years ago with my late husband and when I met Graham I told him what an amazing place it was and we decided to come back.

What attracted you to the island?
The laid back style of the island is what I love most and I met so many great people the first time round so I was desperate to come back.

So tell us how you got into the Drum n Bass and Jungle scene?
Way back in ‘93 Nicky Blackmarket came and played at Club Labrynth at 12 Dalston Lane in Hackney, then the following week I saw him and Slipmatt at Bagley's Warehouse in King’s Cross and ever since then DnB and Jungle has been the one!

You’re from the UK, a good country for this! Do you think it's good to have it here?
That's what's so great about this island is that it caters to everyone’s taste, the only other regular DnB night is at Full Moon.

What draws you to this kind of music?
It’s the only music I can really get my groove on to and every single time I've been to a DnB rave I've always had the best times.....without fail.

We’re having a Tribute to the late Ital Bless on Friday, tell people why they should come…
It’s the right thing to do people, if you love DnB, Jungle or Liquid then this is the place to be and we also need to celebrate Iain's life and try not to mourn his death, I think he would want that.

And what do you like to do in your free time on the island?
When I do get free time mainly I sleep lol, but I love going for good food, I'm happiest when I'm eating and I love to explore the island when I get the time.

Got any plans for the rest of this year?
Well I'm hoping to stay on the island for as long as possible, hopefully some new opportunities on the horizon. Got some friends coming over soon and then in August its my birthday so I’m planning an Almighty Bender.....

And leave us with your life philosophy…
Live with promise
Laugh with passion
Love with pleasure..

Join us along with Carla TONIGHT at Phanganist Hostel!