From Generation to Generation - The Nakhon Sawan Lion and Dragon Dance Group

12 Feb 2021

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Phanganist spoke with a member of the Nakhon Sawan Lion and Dragon Dance Group to find out what we can expect from their upcoming performance at Jungle Experience on February 22nd...

Tell us about yourself and your part in the show...

I'm a coordinator. I help to coordinate between the team and the employers. I also take care of the schedule of the show.

When and how did this group start with its performance?
Our team was founded forty years ago, from generation to generation. We were formed as a group by inviting young people in our neighborhood who have passion in the lion dance to come to join and practice this performance together.

What Thai traditional elements are included in the show?

The unique element used in the lion dance are, of course, the lion head which is usually comes together with grandpa (Ar-Pae) and grandma (Yai-Sim) full head masks.

The necessary instruments in the show are drums and cymbals.

Tell us about the show and what we can expect?
We have both lion and dragon dance. The lion dance will be an acrobatic performance, the dancers will show their gymnastic skills on a very tall pole.

And the dragon dance will make the audience get even more excited with a fire show. The lion and the dragon will be fighting each other for the dragon ball raven... It will be a fun, exciting and an amazing show that includes gymnastic skills of the dancers, the beauty of the costumes and chinese culture together!

Who are the dancers in the show?

There are about thirty five people in the team including the musicians who play drums and cymbals. Since the lion and the dragon heads are like giant puppets, each group will have to take care of each part of the puppet, the head parts, the body parts and the tail parts.

Also two people will be wearing the costumes and full head masks as Ar-Pae and Yai-Sim.

What are you preparing for the Jungle Experience party?
We're very glad that we have a chance to perform on Koh Phangan! We're bringing the beauty of Thai-Chinese culture to show to you all. Please come to see us!