Vanee the President of the Tourism Association Center

21 Aug 2015

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Vanee Thaipanich
President of TAC (Tourist Association Center)

Vanee very kindly invited us to her office to talk about TAC and theBe good for Momevent which is happening tomorrow (Saturday 22nd August).
Vanee is a true local, she was born on Koh Phangan 72 years ago and this lovely lady was one of the people who helped to start TAC.

They have been going for 9 years now. Vanee tells us the reason TAC was started was for people who love Koh Phangan. “If you love Koh Phangan you have come to the right place”.

They began with just 15 people involved but now they have around 100 with new people getting involved all the time.

She explains that they want to show a good positive image for Phangan. There is a lot of effort that goes into keeping the Full Moon party as safe as possible, so people can enjoy themselves and still feel safe and Vanee is one of the people who work with this. She understands Tourism very well and wants people to enjoy all of what Koh Phangan has to offer and to be happy.

Vanee has put much work into TAC so that they can apply for funds / grants from the Government for certain things that will benefit Koh Phangan.
Anybody can help TAC, as long as they love Koh Phangan! You dont have to of been born here, you can help with volunteering. Vanee is especially passionate about the young children learning the english language well so is going to be looking for volunteers who can spare even just one or two hours per week to help with this kind of education.

Although they haveBe good for Momevents all over Thailand, with over one million people involved. Vanee explained how they are making Koh Phangans special. They want to show how much Thai people love their Mother Queen, and you really can feel this. It is for everybodys health and also for the Queens good health. It is all about bringing people together. Everybody will meet and have coffee and talk together before the formal ceremony.

The Executive Chief Mayor will open the ceremony and it sounds like Vanee will be very busy herself also!
She can do a little bit of the bike ride but her duties will call her to start the preparations for the end ceremony where everybody will finish and meet up again to eat, talk and sing to praise the Queen.
It really is about everyone coming out and family being together. At the pier after the event there will be a big heart drawn which everyone will stand in, they hope to have a crane so that pictures can be taken from above to show in Vanees wordsEveryone has the same heart”.