To Tip or not to Tip…?

1 Aug 2019

In western society it is customary to tip a waiter or waitress. different nations have different ways of course but most of us are used to it.

Some tip depending on service and some leave a tip no matter what, thinking it would be rude not to even if the service is just standard.

We have read recently that sometimes leaving a tip would be frowned upon as it canencourage poverty’, it is well known that people working in the restaurant and hospitality industry do not get paid much so this is where tipping can really help.

However if the culture of tipping continues then there is no reason to increase the worker's wages, we will leave that up to you to decide on.

Waiters and waitresses pay can be largely supplemented by tips and they can come to rely on them to boost their earnings but what is the custom here in Thailand?

Leaving a tip is a relatively new thing in Thailand although it is customary to leave any loose change behind.

Nowadays with the new luxury resorts and westernised restaurants there can be a mandatory 10 to 15% service charge on your bill which will go to the staff, this is the more western way of doing things in larger businesses.

With smaller businesses, giving small tips as etiquette is greatly appreciated here, twenty to fifty Baht for the bag carriers and twenty baht under your pillow for the room cleaners will not go a miss! These people work very hard so will appreciate your gratitude.

A lot of workers are from some of the poorest parts of Thailand or Myanmar and so their jobs can be a real lifeline for their families. People often work every single day in high season to cater for holidaymakers and their needs.

Tipping is a great way to recognise hard work and it is up to you and your own morals but it will be greatly appreciated here in Thailand and help give that bit more enthusiastic service!

A nice way to tip is to round up any odd numbers, taxi fares can be rounded up to the nearest ten etc and remember the massage ladies who heal your aches and pains, most are paid from the place they work and not each customer so it is kind to give them a personal tip.

You may read that it is not customary to tip in Thailand but this isnt necessarily true. As a visitor here we think it is nice to show your thanks and help the local people who are doing a good service.

So even if you cant afford much, you can always leave a few of those five Baht coins behind and know they will go to good use.

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