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King Rama IX of Thailand's 70 Year Reign

9 Jun

Today, Thursday the 9th of June, Thailand will celebrate seventy years of the King’s reign.

King Bhimbibol Adulyadej (Rama IX) was crowned in 1946 and is the longest reigning current monarch in the world.

A tribute-paying ceremony will be held at the Temple of the Green Buddha (Wat Phra Kaew) in Bangkok at 9:08 a.m.

Seven hundred and seventy monks will attend this occasion and chant blessings at the main chapel of the Temple of the Emerald Buddha and the ceremony will be presided over by the Prime Minister of Thailand

Rama IX is a well loved and respected King of Thailand. Thai people see the king as the ‘Father’ and his birthday is also marked with a public holiday and celebrated as Father's Day.


He has done many good things for the people of Thailand and in his early years visited thirty different countries but after this in the 1960s he never left Thailand and instead focused his efforts on the country and the people.

He has travelled to remote areas to visit the people and help them.

Vannee Thaipanich who is the director of the Tourism Association of Koh Phangan has said;

‘Our king is the king of all kings. He has done so much for the country starting from the day he started ruling Thailand in 1946.

When he became the king of the kingdom of Thailand, he told the Thai people that he will look after the country and all the Thai people and he said he will never leave anyone if the people don't leave him.

He has been working very hard to develop the country and Thailand became a larger country in Asia. He made the people happy and the country developed in many ways’.

There will be many celebrations happening all over the country.

So from all of us at Phanganist, Congratulations to King Bhimbibol Adulyadej of Thailand and thank you for this amazing country where we have found our home.

Here in Koh Phangan the King's birthday was celebrated and marked with the Biek for Dad event which you can see below.




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