Jamni's coconut oil factory

14 Nov 2019

Jamni is a 65 year old Thai man who lives about ten minutes walking distance from the beach in Ban Kai, in a small house surrounded with banana and coconut trees.

Everyday he wakes up like clockwork at sunrise and begins his daily work, producing his nutritious home made coconut oil.

The products he sells includes his home made coconut oil and a variety of fresh fruits grown in his garden.

Jamni happily shares the secret of his coconut oil production with us, as I tuck into an assortment of his delicious daily fruit pickings.

I wish you were here with me to enjoy this experience and the aroma in the air.

As one show use Coconut oil very frequently especially for scrubbing my hair and treating my skull, I can testify that product has a rich fresh smell.

The coconut husk is piled up before burning.

In order to produce 17 bottles (originally the size of a Red-Bull sized bottle - 100cc) Sanji uses 30 coconuts, skinning and taking the juice out!

Whilst explaining the process he is giving me a live demonstration with the aid of an assisting neighbor for translating into English..

Jamni cuts open a fresh coconut that he takes out from the fridge and serves it to me with a red straw.

The kind man orders me to stop taking pictures and sit down and drink a relax for a moment with him.

The process of making his coconut oil is not so complicated but it does require many hours of work.

First Jamni cuts the inside of the coconut into very small pieces, after the coconut has been cut and dried out..

He puts the pieces into a pot and adds 1 litre or water. He boils it for 3 hours on a small flame and keeps stirring regularly..
After 3 hours of cooking, Jamni filters the mix repeatedly from the remains which laid at the bottom of the pot until he get a fully pure oil..

Jamni's coconut oil is good mostly for body moisturizing and its quality comes because of its freshness and of course Jamni's special magic touch..

The advantages of Coconut oil:
Reduces hair loss - Recommended to put in on the skull and scrub.
Makeup remover - use with cotton pads and is a very efficient and healthy way to clean the face.
Very good for protecting and making fingernails stronger
Moisture and skin care.

..and of course is very delicious in its original form fresh and cold.

In short this is my neighbor who lives in Ban Kai, Koh Phangan. If you are in the area I highly recommend you to go and visit, taste the fruits, drink some coconut juice and buy a bottle or many more of the excellent oil. This oil is excellent quality, home made naturally and was made especially to spoil your skin.

Jamni is a kind and humble man who was very patient and even amused with my curiosity about his kitchen secrets. He was happy to be photographed and he made my day.

Blog and photography by Oum Kul-Tuv