Holiday Romances on Koh Phangan - Avoid or Indulge?

16 May 2019

Love is in the air, everywhere we look around! Ahh Koh Phangan you wonderful, magical, mysterious island that we all fall in love with, you also seem to bring us some beautiful beings from all over the world, faces and accents we have never encountered before and we end up falling in love with them as well.

Us long termers are aware of the situations and are sensible enough to know that most people will leave this island so we hesitate to get involved in a hurry. This doesn’t stop us being witness to the wonderful charm of watching holiday romances unfold under our noses at work and play.

It seems there are two sides when it comes to opinion on this matter, you should either avoid them altogether or be ‘aware’ of the consequences.

Some can last, we are not saying that it’s impossible but communication is key if you believe that you really have found ‘the one’ whilst here in paradise.

It’s not the same as back home, obviously this can be a good thing. You’re both out of your comfort zones and expressing the best part of yourselves with no worries of ‘normal life’ and this can be why it’s so easy to fall in love or lust whilst on holiday. It doesn’t take the time it usually does to get to know each other, if you’re staying in a hostel then you may get used to each others weird private habits quicker which can help to break down barriers or give you a better perspective of if you’re into them or not.

Some of the benefits of having a romantic partner whilst you’re here is that you get to experience all of the romantic things on offer here. It can be totally romantic, beautiful sunsets on the beach, swimming or snorkelling in crystal waters, breathtaking views and romantic dinners by candlelight in paradise are things you may not have tried before so as long as you know what you’re getting into why hesitate sharing it with a love interest?

Our advice would be to always take things with a pinch of salt, look after yourself and don’t get your heart broken whilst you’re on vacation, that could ruin the whole thing!

Don’t overthink things as this can be misleading and don’t let a boy or girl distract you from what you set out to do here.

Leaving is always looming above you, have ‘that chat’ with your holiday romance straight up so you are both in this with clear intentions. Of course you both may find that you do really like each other and could see yourselves travelling more or doing the long distance thing which would be amazing but like we said, communication is key. If you have a talk at the beginning of your time together and know that one or both of you will go separate ways at a certain point then at least you can be prepared and knowingly be part of something which you both know will come to an end.

Remember this is not real life, your admirer could have a whole secret world they don’t tell you about, they could be really mean and not tell you they already have a boyfriend or girlfriend back home, be careful of these players!

With all that said Koh Phangan is a wonderful location to be in if you’re in love or indulging in a holiday romance but it is also a wonderful place to be as a singleton. Go where your heart takes you but don’t forget to listen to your brain and we reckon you’ll be fine...