Exclusive Interview with Superman! In preparation for the new movie...

30 Mar 2016

With the upcoming release and part of the PR of the new Superman movie, Phanganist got an exclusive appointment to interview the superhero himself!

He was extremely cooperative and friendly and we managed to find out privileged personal information on Superman's likes and dislikes...

Hey superman, thanks for having us in your presence, what do you like to eat the most?
Shnitzel is my favourite! Coca cola to drink!

Where did you get your Superman suit?
From my father like in the movie.

Where do you like to go on Koh Phangan?
I like to go to the food market but not the sea as there are big waves, I dont like the waves, the waves go quick and spin me.

Your favourite movie?
Lego movie is my favourite!

Do you like living on Phangan?
I like India.

Whats your morning routine?
Sleep more, I love to sleep!! I talk when I sleep.

I go to bed super late, sometimes ten or eleven because now I have a big vacation.

What have you been learning recently?
Speaking thai.

Do you know any yet?
(Superman counts to ten in thai)

Whats your favourite animal?
My fave is a lion and tiger... AND A SNAKE!

They eat the people and things and can bring me food.

Do you like being Superman?

How long have you been Superman?
Since I was four

Can you fly?
A little bit.

(Shows us with the help of Diamond)

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