Steak and Wine with Hairdresser Nate

31 Jan 2016

The super rad Nate, originally from Texas was kind enough to offer Emma a haircut! In fact, this was just one of seven free haircuts and colours he had done that very same day.

Nate was using the facilities ofFreestylesalon in Thong Sala which is run by Phangan local Peak, Peak was busy for the whole time with his own customers but it was nice to observe his work and his interaction with clients that popped in.

Having your hair cut can be a very personal thing, many people like to get to know their hairdresser, once they find one they like, and stick with them for a long time. It can be hard finding a hairdresser or barber that suits you here on Koh Phangan, you have to start from scratch.

If youre in the process of looking then look no further!

Nate, originally from Austin, Texas is what is known as aRedken Artist and educatorand often shares his knowledge in front of a thousand plus students.

Its funny because when I teach for Redken I can be talking in front of one thousand people but put me in a karaoke bar and I would just freak and run!’.

He also doesnt like cameras (sorry Nate).

Hes a super cool guy who got into the trade with the help of his family whilst growing up in a salon, ‘I think my mum had me in the sinkhe says.

As well as the family links to hairdressing Nate loves his jobbecause I just love people’.

So what are your favourite things to do with hair?
I like balayage which is colouring done like free hand painting with no foil, like a 3D painting almost.

I also like ombre, blondes and hair cuts across the board

Nate is a warm, humble guy that in fact has had, and still does have some interesting clients,

Most of my clients in Texas are soccer mums, trophy wives and some celebrities. I have done the actress Sandra Bullocks hair, Zane Holtz fromDusk til Dawnand Bob Schneider’.

So why have you decided to stay on Phangan?
I feel a connection of healing, hope, love and happiness going on here, Its unexplainable but there is a collective consciousness happening here.

Nate was super cool with Emmas hair, being that she is a bit scared of hairdressers it was obvious that Nate knew what he was doing and showed some intuitive creativity in sorting out her undercut.
Shes very pleased!

Nate first came to Koh Phangan in October last year and now has been back since the middle of January. He plans to stay for the next three months so if you want your hair doing then give him a shout!

What is Nates life philosophy?
Do what you love, love what you do and let the rest happen.

Hope you enjoyed your steak and wine Nate, thanks for a super rad haircut!