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Viking Jens meets Tattoo Artist Bigvip Shersiris

6 Jan 2016

It was an awesome experience to meet with Bigvip Shersiris at Runs Tattoo shop .. 

My friend was getting a tattoo from Arun from Run Tattoo and I was there to keep her company.

Bigivip was there and we talked for hours and became friends. He told me he also was a tattoo artist and lived and worked in Bangkok but was here on Phangan visiting and working as a guest artist at Runs Tattoo shop for the next three months.

Arun’s shop works both as a walk-in shop for their Triangle Tattoo in Hing Kong and as a proper tattoo shop for all tattoo styles and is open for guest artists to come and share their art style here on Phangan!


Bigvip’s prefered style of tattoo is horror-art with a passion and heart of the wild. I was very impressed when he showed me the work he had done through the years and we had a deep conversation about the process and the magic of bringing out the art from the heart ..

I felt I just had to get a tattoo from my new friend and brother - and he felt he just had to give me a present.

He wanted no money for this, only wished to give his new friend a present, the next day I was the canvas of Bigvips imagination and skills - the end-result is amazing!

Six hours of full concentration and dedication - I cannot express my gratitude and appreciation of this gift from my new friend and brother - Thank you from my heart Bigvip Sherisis !

Check out my friends work, If you want a deep-felt expression of masculinity on your skin then Bigvip Sherisis is the man to pursue. I will let his work speak his truth for him ..

Toda Raba my friend!