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Our Verdict on everyones 'Do the Naq' at Jungle Experience!!

31 Oct 2015

On Tuesday 27th November we ran an article about our wonderful friend Naq and his famous photo from a previous Jungle Experience Party.

We set out a mission for that night, 'Do the Naq'!!

And wow what a response! Everybody was really willing to get involved, it just gave a nice edge and a bit of silliness to the night, so thank you for all who got involved and did the Naq!'.

Here we go through some of the best (and some of the worst!)....

This lovely lady was a new attendee to the Jungle Experience party but she got totally involved along with her father......

Thomas Bonnecarre!! Yep this is her dad.

The wonderful and talented photographer of Koh Phangan. We think these two did really well, they even sort of make us go 'aaawwwwww'.

Obviously the first person to run up to Sharon and say "Take a picture of me doing the Naq!" was Em Bry0. Having been part of the troublesome Phanganist team to come up with this idea, Bry0 knew the score, Sharon, Tiana and herself had had a chance to practice at the office before.
(We of course think this is one of the best ;-) )

How does she do it eh?! Having met Dassana and De Wachtkamer many times during the days before Jungle we hoped they would get involved. Dassana of course looks beautiful however we are not quite sure what our friend De Wachtkamer is doing? Sharon is voting 'Surprised Naq' where as Em is going for 'Scared'.
Maybe he was just nervous to play his set.....?

Of course the bar staff joined in. They work very hard sorting all your drinks and buckets out so lets give them a cheer! Thanks for taking time out team!

Here is the first of the man himself! Along with Valeriya, Luana and Rob Gritton. Everyone looks so good here except we are slightly dissapointed that our pal Rob didn't get involved with 'Do the Naq', instead choosing to make up his own pose and 'Do the Rob'. Maybe this will be our next Jungle Experience challenge....?

Aaaahhhh our lovely Christopher Thomas. He put his pen down especially for us! Again obviously one of the best! (any one guessed that Em Bry0 is writing this yet..??).

Andrea!! She already looked super amazing, as both the sisters always do at Jungle Experience, but by doing the Naq we think she really completes her look.

What a great picture!! We do feel a bit protective of these girls, looking at these strange Jungle creatures Jef and Skunk behind them but they don't seem to be fazed at all.....

Here we can see that Dassana and De Wachtkamer are showing their appreciation to all of Naq's hard work. Of course this was a fun game but we have to all remember how much running around Naq actually does for people. Again however, we are a bit perplexed by the look of De Wachtkamers face?!

This is a new dancer, Khalima. Phanganist are currently in talks with her so watch this space to find out more!! Anyhow these two look super cute, well done!

Here we can see a bunch of artist's (the three in the middle) who are meant to be live painting, larking around 'Doing the Naq'. That is all......

And last but by no means least!! A wonderful group photo taken up behind the Dj booth. We even managed to get Georgia in there!
Naq looks super happy in this one and we are super happy that everyone let their hair down and joined in our fun Phanganist game.

Now what to do for the next one? We have a few ideas, 'Do the Rob', 'Do the Chris' maybe but if you lot think of anything then let us know!


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