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Papa Chan

17 May

Chansiri Zaephung (54) was known to many as Papa or Ba Chan. He came from a local Chaloklum fishing family and leaves behind a wife, four daughters and two granddaughters.

One of the islands great characters who loved more than anything to laugh, joke and talk to people. He had time for everyone Thai, expats, Burmese and tourists, helping many organise visas and contacts for the right paperwork.

A devoted Buddhist he was regularly at the temple helping particularly his local temple in Chaloklum and had a lot of respect for the elderly helping where he could.


He wasn’t shy to help and fundraise for the community in many events and services such the local emergency ambulance.  

When he could he went out fishing with his son-in-law and his family sold local fish around the island.

He loved working with and helping at parties especially 360 Bar, Loi Lay and Maya and often did security in Haad Rin.  

His big laugh could be heard when he joked with expats and tourists alike he learned many words from so many languages which was part of his welcoming charm.  

He was a lovable character who will be very sadly missed by so many.

Loi Lay is joining with 360 Bar and will dedicate their party on Sunday 20th May to Chansiri and all proceeds will go to his family. 

Thank you Pi Lek for your words.


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