Natasha Radko Jewelry

12 Feb 2021

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Natasha Radko first came to Koh Phangan two years ago in November 2013. She just had a two week holiday, this beautiful place is where she met her husband (and they call it ‘The Island of Love’). They got married here on Phangan at Hansa Resort and also back in Russia. Natasha went back to Russia then moved to Phangan officially with her son.

“I was thinking about what to do here, before moving to Phangan I had been managing a company so I was like, what do I do here?”

After six months on the island Natasha and her husband went to house party. This is when she started to look and notice many other ladies with all different types of jewelry, with different stones and jewels.

“I really liked all of it, then when we went to Bali I looked in the shops with stones and bought many stones and different pieces from there”.

“Like everything in this world, my story starts from love. And from the courage to take an unexpected and interesting solution, when you feel that directly through this decision goes the line of your destiny - and no other way. Changing all my life, having moved with my son to Thailand, required considerable courage. But I'm happy that I did it: because here, at the other part of the world, as it turned out, not only love, but also my favorite doing was waiting for me.
On the island of Koh Phangan, I met a master of jewelry, and for the first time felt a creative power, which I had no idea before. I used to think that creative people are very special. But natural gems and Bali-style fittings literally fascinated me, and later on in Bali, during our honeymoon, I started buying my first materials for my work. It was an amazing dive into the real me, which still continues, getting to know not only the beauty of surrounding world, but also my inner "Me". And today, creating my treasures, I'm working not only as a master, but also as a kind of conductor between the individual and the world, the human and one's true nature. Each order for me is special, every piece of jewelry keeps its secrets and the magic of history.
My first items I wore myself or just gave to friends. But power and magic of things, in which a part of a soul lives, always spread around invisible waves. I like to get acquainted with the peculiarities of different stones, to study their "character" and their effect on auras. Working for a stranger, I ask for a photo to "feel" the person. And whether it is a bracelet or a necklace or earrings, all orders turn out individual, truly unique, charged with the energy of love and sunshine of  Phangan.
I often say the words "wonder", "magic", "miracle." And could it be different? Not being afraid to be myself, I embarked on the path where miracles happen all the time. Because in each of us - and now I know it for sure! - lives the Creator".

What types of jewelry do you make?
I do bracelets, earrings and necklaces. At first it was just for myself  but then another lady saw me wearing them and said ‘wow’, ‘where you buy them’. So I told her I made them and it all started from there. It is my life now, my hobby. Many people on the island have come to know about my jewelry and to order them.

What is the inspiration behind the pieces?
All of this place! The people as well, when I first started travelling I got this feeling in other people, the stones are a helper.

What type of stones?
Rose quartz, Agate, Tiger's eye, Lazurite, Opal, Jasper and lots more. All of the links and threading is silver.
I feel the stones that people need.

How do you go about making the pieces?
I have many stones in my home, if the person can come to me then they can look and I get a feeling for them also, after that I can make the jewelry. It is very much individual custom orders and for some people who are not possible to come I look at a photo instead to get a feeling of them.

Where do you see your jewelry going in the future?
After about two weeks I already have a little shop in my home already which is great. I would like to have more shops in Russia, Moscow, this is my dream. Also maybe europe why not? I’m doing a masterclass for women in my home for the jewelry and to develop as a woman, you choose the stone and make the bracelet in koh phangan and when I holiday in Russia I will do it there also.

How can people buy your jewelry?
I’m working on the website at the moment but for now people can contact me through facebook. Then people can come and chose the stones with me, my home is a very beautiful relaxed place.

What do you do in your free time?
I enjoy my life, I like swimming. We play different card games at my home with friends and every morning I do sports. I want more women to come together for this kind of fitness like step aerobics. I like being by the beach and the sea to relax but this is not often.

What do you think of the Phangan party scene?
I have only been to Simiran three times that is a good one. I like small parties, Phangan has a good party scene. Me and my husband both enjoy the Dj Fabrice phb.

What is your life Philosophy?
enjoy your life and be honest to yourself.