Magical Eri from Sritanu Jewelry Shop

12 Feb 2021

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Hey Eri, what is your Koh Phangan story?
Ha-ha it’s very long!

I’ve been here twenty years! I was in Haad Rin at the beginning and spent ten years there but I eventually got tired of Haad Rin so moved to Baan Tai. I have had a restaurant and different other businesses but one of my dreams has always been to open a jewellery shop. I got the feeling to move to Sri Thanu area and I feel very good now.

What is the concept of your shop?
It’s about healing, relaxing and purification. I have gemstones and a lot of crystals.

You will find brass earrings, bracelets, pendant tops, silver earrings with shiva eye shells, a lot of silver pendants. A lot of buddha statues, crystals and ganesh statues, cotton and bamboo scarves and dream catchers.

I really like the location of the shop, it’s in a corner. I really wanted a shop in Sri Thanu and when I found this shop in the corner I had a feeling that this was mine.

Where do you source your jewellery ?
India, Hong Kong and Bangkok.

You make jewellery as well, describe your style…
Macrame with a lot of stones, a lot of flower of life and sacred geometry also lots of feathers.

What got you interested in the power of stones?
Somehow I like to wear stones, when seasons change and I like to play with stones. When I look at them I feel energised or purified. After I look I have more focus on things so I want to share this with people

Can you advise people what to wear for healing?

It depends on what they want but I can suggest a lot of crystals. For example Amethyst is good for focusing.

What do you like about Koh Phangan?
The first thing is the nature and in nature there is some kind of magic. A magic I cannot explain but I feel it on this island.
Also I think it’s easy to find connection to nature here more than other places since Phangan itself is also a crystal. That helps with feeling good and grounded. There is something in the air.

How have you seen Phangan change in twenty years?

There has been a lot of big changes. The first time I was here, I took a taxi from Thong Sala to Haad Rin for around twenty Baht. Now it’s like one hundred and fifty! So many people comes here now so we have a lot of houses and bungalows so a lot of the nature has been destroyed.
The blue plankton seems to have nearly gone now also. Back when I came it was a really magical nature. And Koh Phangan still stays magic even it lost some of its nature.

What are you plans for the near future?
I will still be here! I’m happy right now and if I can expand into running more jewellery shops in other spots I will be even more happy!

What do you do in your free time?

A lot of things; yoga, walking, meditation, chatting with friends, reading tarot cards. Cooking is my favourite!

What is your life philosophy?
To look at myself, deeply.