Everyone is Beautiful to Phangan Photographer Nataly

12 Feb 2021

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It is no secret that many people travel to the island of Koh Phangan to start a new life. And I am no exception. This was my first step on the path of self-improvement. I want to become a citizen of the world. Until today I still cannot believe that I was able to drop everything and go live on an island! But here I am.

I am a photographer and have been doing photography for many years. My first camera was a Zenit film cameras made in the USSR. It has superb optics.

My first digital camera was a Canon 450D, I had to learn to use it in thirty minutes on the way to the shoot. Before that I had never photographed with a digital camera.

I am proud of the skills I have learned in photography and retouching without expensive schools and courses. This is my achievement.

I learned everything by experience. I took many pictures and spent hours sitting in front of a monitor achieving beautiful color correction.

Photography for me - it's not a profession, but rather my soul, what makes me happy.

Of course, it is necessary to have inspiration, the feeling of euphoria and drive.

And, of course it very nice when your work is praised. My photos are repeatedly published in the British magazine 'Professional Photographer'. For me it is a good incentive!

Why do people want to be photographed? Because they want to be beautiful!
I like working with people, to create a 'live' pictures. I'm not saying that the models do, they just live in front of the camera. I think all the people are beautiful, it is important to be able to recognise this beauty and show.

When I need to relax and to rest the idea - I paint in watercolor. I was very soothing. And I really love good music. The combination of watercolor and music, this is the best for me.

The beauty of Phangan is impossible not to love especially the stunning nature, and I can not wait to do more unusual shooting. I have already noticed several interesting places already.

Contact Nataly on - http://fotosalt.name/

Or facebook - Nataly Buhaienko