Ninja 4 Rent Troupe

12 Feb 2021

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We recently had the pleasure of having Ninja 4 rent into Phanganist HQ for an afternoon of fun and frolics! They are a nomadic group of performing artists specialising in fire performance, flow art, yoga, reiki, Qi Gong and Tai Chi.

All in all you have to admire this bunch of lovely people, they do what they love. They like to create transformative experiences through their art and love to get the audience involved, they work very hard to create their show.

We met the three main artist’s Sky, Rada and founder of the troup, Angel. Hopefully you have enjoyed reading about them each individually over the last few days and have seen the pictures we took on their photoshoot here at Phanganist.

They are extremely friendly and warm, we often got sidetracked during the interview process as we all got on so well!

The Ninjas enjoyed the day themselves and since then we have all been in contact, take a look at their new blog for Phanganist.

The Ninjas are performing a lot at the moment. They had an impromtu gig at Ban Sabai, performed at Sramanora and L’alcove.

You can catch the Ninjas tonight at Jungle Experience! You won’t be dissapointed.