Ninja 4 Rent - these crazy cats keep us updated on their performances

12 Feb 2021

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Hello Koh Phangan
The ninja for rent crew recently made a stop over to visit Phanganist, they wanted to pick our brains and take some amazing photos. Keep an eye out the shot should go live soon. In the mean time Phanganist asked us to tell them what the ninjas do and what happens in the mind of a fire ninja. This blog is the answer.
For starters Sky and I (Angel) have been playing for Alcove, if you haven’t been it’s a super classy French café on Hin Kong beach. They host us on Fridays and Sundays for their weekend live music events. Here are a few shots to give you the idea.

This weekend we will be back at Alcove on the 28th-30th

his week the rest of our team arrived on the island, for our first outing we visited Ban Sabai and did an impromptu show. Here is Erica and Sky showing off their new dance routine.

It looks like we got noticed in a big way and you should be seeing us at more locations through out the island. We played Shiva Moon last night. And will be visiting Sramanora waterfall party on the 27th.

Everyone is super pumped to be hosted by Jungle Experience on the 28th and we have been working on new effects for the fire show all month. Not to mention all FIVE of us PLUS the Thai crew will be there bringing the heat. The ninjas will begin to offer training and workshops starting September 1st in the jungle space at 4pm.  Want to learn to be a ninja? Come through jungle on the 1st.

Its gonna be a long weekend Get ready Koh phangan!

The rest of this weeks schedule is waterfall on the 27, alcove and jungle on 28, alcove and full moon on 29 and alcove on 30!

Angel Salgado is a founder from Ninja 4 Rent, fire performer and all around swell guy. You can check him and the team out at or on FB.